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No More Homework

That’s right folks. No more homework… FOREVER!

Well, until I (potentially) decide that I really need that PhD…

Grad school is officially completed: I have received confirmation from my school that I have completed all of my requirements and I am graduating!

Some type of celebration shall be forthcoming.

Glutton for Punishment

As some of you may know, this is my last semester of graduate school (unless, of course, I decide to apply to a PhD program at some point…). One would think that, having fulfilled all of my degree requirements, that I would register for some light, fluffy class for my last semester.

One would be mistaken.

I decided to take Research Methods.

Having noted my reading and homework assignments for the week on my friendly wet-erase board that lives next to my calendar, I realize that there is no room for anything else on the board.

One week’s worth of work has filled the entire board.

But, hey, at least I know I’m going to learn something useful…