Patience is a Virtue

Or so they say.

Of course, they also say that you only get one chance to make a first impression.

I tend to be a very patient person. Sometimes to my own detriment. Sometimes I should really be less patient. But usually I find that patience works to my (and others’) benefit. Like it did today.

Today I experienced the very interesting combination of patience working out for the best and a potentially botched first impression recovering remarkably well.

Well played, universe.

Broken Windchimes

Broken Windchimes
Kristine Kathryn Rusch

As an avid reader of science fiction, I found this story to be fascinating. As a musician, I found it to be intriguing, thought-provoking, and inspiring. When I’ve encountered music in science fiction before, it often feels like an afterthought, not so in this case. Rusch weaves music into this world and breathes life into it in a way that I’ve never encountered. Delightful.


The real power of the polyamorous experience, for me, is the way that it has developed my ability to see people not just in terms of my needs, but in terms of what makes them happy. I had to ask myself why my partner being with someone else made me unhappy sometimes, and the only answer was either I wasn’t doing something that made me happy, so I was jealous, or I feared losing them. I suppose when we fear losing someone we can hold on tighter or setup rules etc. That is the normal monogamous approach, I suppose, and it can work, but it doesn’t allow for genuine growth. Setting controlling rules around my partners just seemed to lead me away from trust, communication and having my needs ‘really’ met. I feel if there is genuine communication then there is no need for rules like this. Real love and consideration from your partner will mean that they won’t just do things without considering you.

Graham Nicholls

At the Mouth of…

At the Mouth of the River of Bees
Kij Johnson

Fascinating. Challenging. Uncomfortable.

Every story in this collection will make you think.

Each tale draws the reader into a vivid new world, some very like ours, some very, very different, but every one created with careful intention.

Even though a few of the stories didn’t quite resonate with me, I would definitely recommend this collection (to readers of any genre), and I would encourage readers to make their way through every piece, even if the earlier ones don’t hit home, because they are each so unique.

Too Many Books?

I was asked today how many books I own, and how many of those I’ve read. And I honestly didn’t know.

So I counted.

Apparently, I own about 700 books (physical books, excluding crafting/cooking books) and I’ve actually read approximately 500 of them, which is, I admit, a higher number than I was expecting.

I suppose I should count up the e-books at some point, as I’ve acquired a great number of those in the last few years, and I’ve not read all that many of them…

Intent to Graduate

I find rather amusing that I have to formally notify my school that I intend to graduate. Presumably most people who attend university intend to graduate.

But, hey, I’ve checked the boxes; I’ve filled out the forms. So, I guess it’s more official now? This impending graduation?

I admit, my feelings toward the approaching End of My Education are bittersweet. I so adore learning, academia, students, all of it. However, I also relish the idea of Free Time, mythical thing that it is, and I find myself nearly counting down to the end of this obligation.

Maybe I’ll be satisfied, when the time comes.

Maybe I’ll want even more to apply to a PhD program.

It seems that only time will tell.