Ready for a sports analogy?

Neither am I, but sometimes it’s appropriate, like when someone (or something, or life in general) throws you a curveball.

Interestingly enough, this analogy is meant to imply that something completely unexpected happened, like what I experienced this evening, but in reality, when the pitcher throws a curveball, the catcher is expecting it (they’ve got some mad hand signals going on), and the only person who might be particularly surprised is the batter.

And really, even the batter shouldn’t be surprised, since the curveball is a pretty standard pitch.

So, what’s the point of all of this? Well, I received some unexpected news and am dealing with it, much like when a batter misses a swing on an unexpected curveball, resulting in a strike-out, and possibly the end of the inning…

Did I just lose the game with my strike-out? Hardly, but it’s still disappointing to miss the ball.

Ok, these sporting references are exhausting. I’m out.

Drink the Volcano

Now, as many of you know, I don’t drink.

Well, usually, I don’t drink. (I have a long standing, nearly three-decade habit of not drinking anything alcoholic.)

To be clear, I don’t have any moral or medical oppositions to alcohol, I’ve just never really found anything that I enjoy drinking.

When I spend time with WF, however, all bets are apparently off.

Ms. WF will be joining me for an outing to the local Renaissance Festival in July, and I offered to dress her for the occasion. This, of course, required the in-home equivalent of a shopping trip – which means letting her peruse my extensive collection of festival costuming, try everything on, and select which combination she wants to wear for the actual event.

Apparently trying on that much clothing requires wine.

This wine:


It’s a red wine. It’s been hanging out in my pantry since February. It’s made from grapes grown on the slopes of a dormant volcano.

That’s right: Red. Volcano. Wine.

So, of course, I wanted to try it (following my long standing habit of at least trying a variety of drinks, especially the one’s that sound interesting), even though I expected to hate it.

Shockingly, I didn’t hate it. In fact, I didn’t hate it so much that I had at least an entire glass of it over the course of the evening.

I may even go out and pick up another bottle or two.

King Jesus… the Horse?

So this weekend I’m staying with my friend DB and her kiddos.

Today we went to the Renaissance Festival.
Tomorrow we’re going to a show at the CU Boulder Planetarium followed by the Botanic Gardens.

Tonight, however, I’m experiencing some mild religious confusion…

You see, my friend DB is Christian (no big deal) and she is raising her children to have a rich Christian upbringing, which includes faith-related craft projects. Including this, which is hanging on the hallway wall near the guest room in which I am staying:


All of those cut-outs are the big names that you expect to see in a “Who’s Who” from the Bible project: Adam, Noah, Moses, etc.

I skim the names and note that I remember most of these folks from back in the day when my mother insisted that I attend Sunday Bible School, but then I get to the end… and I see this:


And then I’m thinking, “Wait a minute, when Jesus returns, he’s going to be in the form of a horse? I don’t remember that…”

So I’m standing there, in my friend’s hallway, staring at the Jesus Horse, trying to wrap my head around Christian Equine Reincarnation.

DB walks by, and I can’t help myself, I ask about Jesus returning as a horse. She’s confused, and then she looks at the wall. And then she cracks up. Apparently, in the Christian mythology, when Jesus returns he will be riding a white horse; he will not be one. It seems that the kids’ project is missing one minor Jesus cut-out…

I was suitably disappointed. I think Jesus would make a fine horse.

The Midsummer Witch

The Midsummer Witch was one of my favorite childhood books.

When I was in elementary school, it was the first first book I would check out from the library when school let out for the summer.

Every summer.

In fact, I usually read it two or three times each summer.

At some point, likely when my family moved to and from Steamboat Springs, around the end of elementary school, my tradition broke, and it was several years before I thought of this book again.

By then, however, it had been so long that all I remembered was the title, and that wasn’t a lot to go on. (Plus, I admit that I never put too much effort into actually finding it.)

I had mentioned this in passing to AC, when we were discussing favorite books and reading and the like.

The other day, he surprised me with this:


A copy of the book. The right book. Exactly as I remember it.

This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

Pardon me while I go bathe myself if literary nostalgia.

Friday the 13th

Yup, that’s today. THE day for superstitions to run rampant, filling your mind with unrealistic fears and discomfort.

Today’s the day to avoid black cats, ladders, mirrors, and cracks in the sidewalk, or else risk super bad luck or something.

Or, y’know, go about business as usual.


So I signed up for a summer class (even though I swore that I wouldn’t), because I was super excited to take another class on web design from my favorite professor.

My Tuesday evenings are now filled with HTML, CSS, and a little bit of iWeb. For those not familiar, iWeb was Apple’s simple, easy, user-friendly WYSIWYG web design software.

I love it. I love it so hard.

I used it for my final project in my last web-design-related class a few semesters back and made a site snazzy and interesting enough that my professor actually made a point last week¬† to let me know that he remembered my project. (Which reminds me that I need to re-post the site for my online portfolio, now that I’m on new web hosting.)

You may have noticed that I said iWeb was Apple’s web design software. That’s because they stopped updating and supporting iWeb in like 2011 (right after I got my MacBook Pro), which makes me sad. Really sad. It’s just a fantastic little program and I wish they were updating it.

Moreso, I wish I could get a copy of it for my iMac. *sigh*


I want them to play Britney Spears at my funeral. That way I won’t feel so bad about being dead, and everyone will know that there is something worse than death.

Gary Numan