Meeting New People

It’s not easy making new friends as an adult, shocking though that may seem (haven’t we all learned how to talk to people by now?). But, seriously, it’s actually pretty damn difficult to go out and make new connections that develop into anything deeper than a new name in your Facebook feed.

(The good Doctor recently wrote an article on this very problem: How to Make Friends)

At this point in my life, I don’t have a geographically convenient, close-knit group of friends that I see regularly, as my close-knit group has gone and scattered themselves across the state and/or country (myself included – I live at least an hour away from everyone I know!).  What this means is that most of my social interactions are in the one-on-one setting and that my choices for regular (or spontaneous) socialization are a bit limited at the moment.

Now, as my friends can attest, I’ve spent the last six months or so tackling this problem through a strategy that I lovingly refer to as “Meeting Boys on the Internet” (read: sifting through emails on OKCupid), and I’ve actually managed to meet a handful of really stellar guys this way. However, the majority of these interactions are, again, strictly one-on-one. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some one-on-one time, but there are certainly times that I also miss the group dynamic.

Well, color me delighted when I was introduced to the adorable WF. She’s just lovely, through and through. We hit it off like, well, some metaphorical thing that hits other things off explosively.

Color me tentative and shy when she invited me to an event at a friend’s place comprised almost entirely of people I’d never met (all but two), including the host. But, hey, if my friends say that they’re great folks, then they must be, right? So I took a (very minimal) risk and went, still expecting the evening to be mostly awkward (at least on my end), and was quite pleasantly surprised to find that everyone was warm and welcoming and fantastic. And I mean everyone.

If you’ve ever met a new acquaintance’s group of friends and felt like you were either A) not welcome, or B) expected to complete some Herculean feats to gain acceptance into the clique, then you probably understand just how refreshing it was to just be accepted with friendly enthusiasm, no questions asked.

I stayed hours later than intended, and it was worth every minute.