What Is Your Quest?

I asked this, jokingly, of JP recently, and, to my surprise, he responded by providing me with the details of his life’s mission.


Who, you may ask, actually has a defined mission in life? Well, he does, and, frankly, it was inspiring to read.
Because we’re not talking about some religious ‘spread the good word’ mission or a canned statement of I’d like to be successful in [career] and [finance] and [relationship] and blah, blah, blah… We’re talking an abstract, in-depth, defined philosophical perspective on how to approach life every day.

Then he turned the question back on me – if I were to have a mission for my life, what would it be? And I thought ‘what a great question – why haven’t I asked myself this question?’

So I have done some soul searching (very fitting to my recent re-orientation of my life and perspectives) and begun to develop my personal quest. And, honestly, you should too.