Happy Christmas…

…if you celebrate Christmas that is. Blessed Yule to those of you celebrating yule. Merry Solstice again to you solstice goers. Happy Hanukkah (rather late, sorry!) to those of you who celebrated that. Anyone doing Kwanzaa? Hope it’s great for you. If you celebrate something I’ve missed, I hope it was fabulous. If you don’t celebrate anything, well, I hope that you’re having an amazing time regardless.

My point, in case it was too subtle, is that if you’re reading this (and, frankly, even if you’re not), I hope that life, the universe, and any spiritual leanings of your choosing are treating you well this winter season. I hope that you are having an amazing time with family and friends. And I hope that you know that you are a wonderful person and you are loved. Even if no one has mentioned that to you lately.

Happy holidays, everyone. Cheers.